Turkish LENTIL SOUP  8

Warm OLIVES with Fresh Herbs  7

SPREADS Hummus, Haydari, Muhammara & Pita Bread  8 Each, Trio  24

Black Lentil BULGUR SALAD with Tart Cherries, Feta, Almonds, Cucumber, Mint & Hazelnut Oil  15

Organic ARUGULA SALAD with Sumac, Turkish Apricots & Farmer’s Cheese  14

FALAFEL PATTIES with Marash Pepper Haydari, Persian Cucumbers, Pickled Fennel & Onions  12

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER with Green Onion, Honey Grilled Lemon & Urfa pepper  14

Crispy Spiced BRUSSELS SPROUTS with Aleppo Aioli Sauce  14

ZUCCHINI FRITTERS with Parsley, Mint, Feta Cheese & Haydari 12

FETA CHEESE CIGARS with Pistachios & Honey Syrup  13

Grilled Grass-fed MEATBALLS ‘Köfte’ with Warm Hummus  14

Fried HALLOUMI CHEESE with Paprika Sauce, Parsley & Olive Oil  14


MOUSSAKA Traditional Casserole of Ground Spiced Lamb, Eggplant, Bell Pepper & Béchamel  26

VEGGIE MOUSSAKA with Baby Gold Potatoes, Eggplant, Zucchini, Cremini Mushrooms & Béchamel  24

Turkish Style BRAISED BEEF with Smoked Eggplant Puree ‘Sultan's Delight’ & Lebni  28

Washington River STEELHEAD KEBABS with Warm Chickpea Salad & Kalamata Olive Puree  30

Rosie’s Organic CHICKEN KEBABS with Warm Chickpea Salad & Paprika Sauce  28

Grass-fed LAMB LOIN KEBABS with Basmati Rice, Paprika Butter & Pistachios  30

BEYTI Adana Style Kebab wrapped in Lavash, Topped with Tomato & Tahini Yogurt Sauce  26

Grilled Grass-fed LAMB CHOPS with Pomegranate Molasses, Mint Relish, Potato & Celery Root Puree  42

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